Welcome to our humble abode and training center!

Our beginner and intermediate
arena is used for riders learning
to control a horse in a larger
area.  This area is perfect for first
canters, trail courses, small jump
courses, vaulting and more.
We also use it as a warm up for

Our dressage arena allows us to
train precisely for dressage and
other shows, and is
a great area
to play safely with plenty of room
classes of all kinds.

Three saddling areas, all
convenient to the tack rooms.

Our ranch is well run and
organized to make all events and
s a smooth enjoyable
experience.  We have two tack
rooms filled with equipment.  
Each horse has its own assigned
color, tack, halters, and buckets
to make finding equipment easy
for beginner riders.

We have a
six (seven pony) horse
West Team
trailer for shows and
events, a
s well as smaller trailers
for team use.
A turn around is provided for
students bringing their own
trailers and/or horses.

Twelve acres of pastures allow
our horses to graze and romp.
Students  volunteer and participate in
work for lesson days to help with allows
our ranch to operate with a lower

Mascot Roxy, a Jack Pin oversees the
play of two of our kittens, many of which
are adoptable.

Schedule Boards allow the students to
see class times, whom they are riding,
and tack they need to saddle with.

Our new air conditioned/heated office
helps keep our business running
smoothly, and allows parents to keep up
with events, payments, and more.  

Treat Farm and Ranch Care
Offering services to all areas for animals
of all kinds.