Located at 5716 S. Dip Creek Road
         Sand Springs OK 74063                
         918 798 9378  Text avail.

All instructors are certified and nationally tested through Certified Horsemanship Association and/or
Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship
Horseback riding lessons are provided in a group, semi private or private setting.

Foundation riding is taught to strengthen the skills of any rider from beginner to advanced.  
A seat with balance throughout the body, takes students confidently into the horse
        discipline of their choice.  
We use bio-mechanics to help the rider connect through their core and seat to the horse,
        making the aids and riding invisible.
Privates, Semi Privates and Group lessons are available.
Group lessons are limited to three students for beginners to increase safety.
 When time allows, students are encouraged to learn ground handling,
         grooming, tacking, care and more.
 Please contact us for pricing
Disciplines taught: English, Dressage, Western, Western Dressage, Cowboy Dressage,
 vaulting and more.

We teach in Broken Arrow, Edmond, Peidmont, and at Redlands College
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:: Programs ::

Young riders with a minimum of 6 months of riding are eligible for our working student program.
+ Jr working student is available on Saturdays and some school holidays
+ minimum age is 13 years of age.
+ working students must be consistently riding weekly in the lesson program with no payment issues
+ a lesson will be taught as a group, and/or games played

Advanced young working student
+ available to 15 and over
+ may include horse training
+ must be flexible in hours
+ walk, trot and canter with confidence, on different horses, is required.
+ available during weekdays (esp summers) and weekends

+ intensive horse training and/or instructor  and mentorship
+ business and ranch management
+ long days and hours
+ on site housing available
+ board may be available
+ must be committed for a minimum of 3 weeks
+ certification program available for instructors

All programs subject to approval from Head Instructor. We reserve the right to make exceptions
and/or remove any student from programs due to lack of commitment.
:: JR Working Program ::
Lesson Program
Where instruction creates skill........
paperwork to enroll
for Lessons
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Young riders with a minimum of 6 months of riding are eligible for showing.
+ shows are usually on Saturdays
+ no minimum age
+ shows must be entered and paid for 2 weeks prior
+ students must come the Friday eve before and prepare
             bathe, groom, clean tack, clip if necessary, and pack if outside show
             (if not a fee may be assessed for horse prep)

Shows are based on equitation
+  Dressage
      Classical dressage seat and patterns
      Prix Caprelli available (jumping)
+  Western dressage
      Classical seat in western attire and tack
+  Cowboy dressage
      Vaquero style riding with soft feel, western tack and obstacles
      International Performance Horse Development Association
      Online Showing

Cheryl West teaches clinics at a variety of Locations,
     including the Oklahoma City Area, Ft Smith, AR area, and nationally for the Certified Horsemanship Association.

     + Connected riding Clinics
             For all Disciplines
             Help those to become more in tune with their horse
             Establish an invisible language between horse and rider
            Check Show calendar for dates, they are added on throughout the year.

      + Instructor Clinics
              July 10th Sunday Instructor Workshop  Open to all.
Application Available
              July 12-17 Tues thru Sunday Certified Horsemanship Instructor Standard Clinic
   Instructor Clinic Application


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